Application Equipment

Glue dot dispensers

Superdot RollerSuperdots, Application Equipment

Capable of handling all 6 grades of SuperDot glue dots (from easy tack right through to our ultra tack grade) at all diameters, the Superdot roller can take rolls of up to 1,500 glue dots. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it easy to use, to carry and to apply Superdots.

The SuperDot roller can also be used to apply double-sided tape, simultaneously removing the backing.


  • Lays down single glue dot or a continuous row

  • Faster fixing means greater productivity

  • Reduces labour costs

  • Reduces job turnaround time

  • Increase profits

Tape Guns/DispensersIndustrial Tapes, ATG Tape Guns, Application Equipment

ATG Guns are tape guns that apply double-sided tape to substrates while simultaneously removing and rewinding the carrier.

The advantages are:

  1. Convenient & Fast. The touch of a finger trigger ensures a quick controlled application of tape to the length you require.

  2. Bonds on contact

  3. Range of ATG Tapes available in various specifications (rubber resin, acrylic etc) and widths from 6mm to 19mm. Up to 50m on some rolls.

  4. No mess or clean upApplication Equipment

  5. Also suitable to apply glue dots

  6. Transparent Cover shows remaining tape


H100/80 Label/Tab Dispenser

Application EquipmentEasy-to-operate label dispenser. Width below 80 mm. When the user withdraws the label, the micro switch gives an automatic signal for that the next label can be applied. The micro switch controls the different label widths, and it works with either transparent and non-transparent labels. Includes release liner automatic roller and has interior label rewinding. The Microswitch regulates the different thicknesses of labels and applies both clear and opaque labels. It includes motorised rewinder for the backing paper.

Application EquipmentMailcraft Supplies are Ireland’s leading supplier of application equipment for glue, adhesives & industrial tape products. With over 35 years experience in the business, we have the expertise to pinpoint the correct product for your business.

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