Book Tabs, Discs, Seals

Book Tabs, Discs, Seals

This product is often described under different headings as per above. Essentially, book tabs or discs or seals are clear, matt varnish or frosted self-adhesive circular tabs. They can be used to close or seal a wide variety of promotional materials, posted mailers, CD packaging, and professional documentation. They can also serve as tamper-proof seals for boxes, tins, etc.

Book Tabs, Discs, Seals


  • Economical but professional finish

  • Available as plain discs or easy-to-open centre-perforated discs

  • Available in permanent or peelable grades

  • Bespoke coloured and printed products available on request

  • Supplied within an easy-to-use dispenser box for manual application

  • Machine-applied tabs are also available from stock for KT tabbers and Lynx/Profold machines

  • Available from stock in 2,000, 5,000 and 20000 disc rolls

  • Next-day delivery from stock.

Stock sizes:Book Tabs, Discs, Seals

  • 18mm diameter

  • 25mm diameter

  • 34mm diameter

  • 50mm diameter

  • Other sizes available upon request.


Book Tabs, Discs, Seals

DuoDiscs are 20mm circular adhesive seals with permanent adhesive on one side and peelable adhesive on the alternate side – with a generous finger-lift tab for fast and easy self-application. DuoDiscs allow you to affix the sticky circle in place, leaving the top backing intact for another item to be affixed at a later time. 


 Tamper Evident TabsTamper-Evident-Tabs, Book Tabs, Discs, Seals

Tamper evident security tape and seals are designed to leave a clearly visible marking on the applied surface when removed or tampered with. Bespoke tamper evident seals can be produced to your own design – minimum order quantities apply. These tabs are ideal for sensitive documents, healthcare/medical products, veterinary care, all types of packages, beauty products, warranty products, plus many more applications.


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