Industrial Tapes

“Quality Industrial Tapes from Mailcraft Supplies”

Double-Sided TapesIndustrial Tapes

We stock a range of double sided industrial adhesive tapes in a variety of forms predominately for bonding, paper card etc. However, they can also be used for other substrates.

We supply the following tapes:

Flush-edge tapes
Finger-lift tapes
ATG tapes for either manual or machine applications (ATG tape can also be applied using our Superdot Roller). For info on the Superdot roller, please go to “Superdots” section of website.

Flush Edge Tissue Tapes (Removable Backing Paper is the same width as Tape)Fingerlift tissue Tapes, Industrial Tapes

Flush-edge tissue tapes are available in a very high-tack rubber-based adhesive tape, in 6mm, 9mm,12mm and 19mm widths (from stock). This grade of tack will work with most surfaces.

Finger-lift Tissue tapes (Removable Backing Paper wider than tape for easy removal)

Finger-lift tissue tapes are available in a very high-tack rubber-based adhesive tape, in 6/12, 9/15,12/18 and 18/24 (from stock). This grade of tack will work with most surfaces.

ATG tapes (for use in the ATG/SDR gun)Industrial Tapes, ATG Tape Guns

  • Acrylic-based adhesive in 6mm and 12mm widths.

  •  Rubber based adhesive in 12mm widths.

  •  High-performance acrylic-solvent-based in 12mm x 33m (for laminated surfaces).

We can obtain the double sided tape you need – flush-edge, finger-lift, ATG, high-tack, and tissue, with rubber-based, acrylic-based or a solvent-based adhesive.

Glue Tape Rollers/Mice

This revolutionary new adhesive applicator, the Glue Tape Roller, is a high-speed, versatile yet precise alternative to traditional double-sided tapes. This hand-held adhesive tape applicator allows you to apply double-sided tape to surfaces efficiently and precisely. It’s ideal for sealing the edges of mailers to go in the post, and for attaching samples or papers, etc. The Glue Tape Roller is available in two grades: permanent and removable. Each roller comes with 12 metres of 8.4mm-wide adhesive tape.

High Strength Glue Roller

Glue Roller, Industrial Tapes

Recently launched at Paperworld in Frankfurt, this new roller is up to 5 times stronger than other glue rollers. It is PAT approved (Photographic Activity Test). They are also acid and lignin free, have an instant bond and measure 20m long.

Book Binding Tapes

Book Binding or Spine Tapes are paper tapes with a cloth finish. They are embossed, containing an aggressive permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. These tapes are suitable for use on cheque books, docket books, ticket books, report books etc. Applications of these tapes are by hand or by automatic equipment.

Available in 2 strengths of 115gsm and 140gsm

industrial tapes

Available in a range of colours: Black, Green, Blue, Red, White Available in range of widths: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 75mm rolls



cloth tape, industrial tapesCloth Tape

Cloth Tape is also known as Duct Tape or gaffer tape. It is a cloth or scrim-backed tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Normally it comes available in black or grey and the standard width being 50m. However, we also stock addtional colours and widths.

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See the ATG Tape Gun in operation or the double-sided tapes by clicking into Product Videos on Home Page.

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