Superdots, Hot Dots

Superdots are slightly raised dots of pressure-sensitive adhesive (the standard size being approx 11mm). They are supplied on a roll of release liner, a standard width apart. This roll can be supplied within an application box, or on a 1,500 dot roll for especially suited to be fitted into a Superdot Roller. 

Quick and easy to use, Superdots do not leave any mess, residue or odour.  They are available in a variety of standard patterns, formulas, tack levels and profiles, engineered to meet your own needs.

Superdot glue dots are a great way to stick items together – or for holding items in place, such as in packaging. Colourless, quick and easy to use, they dispense a standard dot of glue without getting your fingers messy. A little dot with a lot of power!

  • 6 standard grades of glue dots are available: easy tak, easy-mid tak, mid tak, ultra tak, vertical-hold and removable vertical-hold

  • Bespoke grades available; from fully peelable to high-shear permanent grades

  • Rolls of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 up to 10,000 glue dots (or customised rolls can be created to match your requirements)

  • Sizes range from 2mm–16mm diameterSuperdots

  • Also available in various colours

  • See the Superdot Roller and Autodot Dispenser under Product Videos on Home Page for dispensing methods.

Europe’s market-leading glue dot, Superdots conforms to FDA food approval 175.105 and 175.300. They are even suitable for use within food areas including direct food contact. Superdots have EN71-certification, complies with Reach Regulation 1907/2006, and are manufactured to ISO standards.

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