Velcro® Brand One-Wrap® Tape & One-Wrap® Cable Ties

One-Wrap ® Tape

VELCRO® BRAND ONE-WRAP® Tape is a back to back tape where hook and loop are woven, glued, Velcro One Wrap Tapeor extruded together to offer different performance characteristics, from high cycle life to disposable applications. Both hook and loop components are integrated into a single product.

Velcro One Wrap Tape BlackVELCRO® BRAND ONE-WRAP® Tape uses a soft velour loop that is welded to a low profile plastic hook. This creates a self-gripping strap that can be used for hundreds of applications.

VELCRO® BRAND ONE-WRAP® Tape is available to buy on 25m industrial length rolls in various widths and colours. It can be cut to any length and will never peel.


One-Wrap ® Cable Ties

ONE-WRAP® cable ties are made up of low profile VELCRO® BRVelcro One Wrap Cable Tie BlackAND hook and low profile VELCRO® BRAND velour loop bonded back to back making a very slim wrap-around fasteneVelcro One Wrap Cable Tie Yellowr. Incredibly versatile and easy to use, they are available in various sizes, colours and pack options. A safe, secure, reusable fastener with thousands of uses.

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