Velcro® Brand – Special Products

Velcro® Brand – Special Products

Velcro® Brand Shapes

At Mailcraft we offer a special cutting service, where we cut individual pieces of hook and loop to suit your requirements. If you have a specific size or shape that you require, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your requirement.

Velcro® Brand Press-Lok® TabsVelcro Brand Press Lok Tabs

PRESS-LOK® are pre-cut self-adhesive rectangular tabs which are self-engaging so separate hook and loop is not necessary. Using two of these PRESS-LOK® tabs for a positive and secure fastening is all that is required. Coated with PS-32 which is a high quality, general purpose rubber adhesive with an excellent immediate tack; these tabs are suitable for use on most surfaces including paper, card, rigid plastic, glass, and metal. They are not suitable for use on PVC, vinyl or anything containing plasticizers.

Press Lok Rectangular TabsUses for these tabs include point of sale, retail display, stationery and packaging applications. The industrial rolls are 50m long with approx. 3846 tabs per roll. The tabs are 20mm x 10mm.

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Velcro® Brand Alfa-Lok® Self-Engaging Tape

Velcro Brand Alfa Lok Self Engaging TapeVELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK™ is a self-engaging high strength tape with interlocking mushroom shaped hooks that provide a strong, reliable and non-directional connection and closure. Simply press firmly together without the need for precise alignment or positioning.

For use within a range of applications including but not limited to; Construction, Industrial, Display and Transportation. The self-engaging mushroom hook construction eliminates the need for a separate loop side, and offers a more rigid connection with less movement whilst maintaining the ability to remove, re-position and fasten whenever required. Available with 3 adhesive types, a sew-on option is also available.

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Heat or Solvent-Activated Velcro® Brand TapesHeat or Solvent Activated Velcro Brand Tape

Solvent and heat activated adhesives, available on most VELCRO® BRAND hook and loop tapes, provide the strongest bond to the tape itself. They can be made ready for instant bonding by many easy methods of application (e.g. solvent, heat, ultrasonic, dielectric). Also, they are recommended for applications where a more permanent bond is desired.

Dry to the touch, these adhesives become tacky upon activation using ultrasonic, high-frequency welding, ironing, hot air application or solvents.

The adhesives used are either based on nitrile rubber or urethane which can be activated by; high-frequency hot air, ultrasonic welding, ironing or solvents such as MEK or Acetone.

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